The Writing Exercise That Actually Worked

Very helpful tips if you should ever find yourself stuck. I’m going to try a couple.

Stealing All the Sevens

Writing Ball

I love tricks. Teach me a way to peel garlic in 10 seconds, and I’m hooked. This is partially because doing things the easy and interesting way is better, but for me it goes deeper than that.

Habit-forming does not come naturally to me. When I was 8 years old I got glasses for the first time. In the first year I had them, I spent more time looking for my glasses than I did wearing the stupid things. This plagues me still. Every time I move into a new place I spend six months searching for my keys before I leave the house every single morning before I figure out that I need to put them in the same place, without fail, every time I get home. Even now, if I don’t put my keys on the small bookshelf next to the yellow chair as soon as I…

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